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Lissycasey G.A.A Club Archives

Senior Championship 2011:

  Score   Opposition Score Venue Date
Lissycasey 3.05 V Doonbeg 1.13 Cooraclare 4/6/11
Lissycasey 1.08 V Liscannor 1.09 Quilty 13/8/11
Lissycasey 0.09 V Ennistymon 0.08 Cooraclare 3/9/11
Lissycasey 0.06 V Cratloe 2.07 Cusack Park Quarter Final

Junior Championship 2011:

  Score   Opposition Score Venue Date
Lissycasey 0.08


Kilmihil 3.14 Cooraclare 8/7/11
Lissycasey 1.08 V D/Barefield 0.11 Ballynacally 22/7/11

U21 "A" Championship

  Score   Opposition Score Venue Date
Lissycasey 2.15


Eire Og 1.09 Ballyea Quarter Final 26/6/11
Lissycasey 0.06


Cratloe 0.07 Gurteen Semi-Final

Garry Cup. Div 2: 2011

  Score   Opposition Score Venue Date
Lissycasey 1.05 V Kilkee 2.07 Kilkee 20/2/11
Lissycasey 2.05 V Wolfetones 0.07 Lissycasey 13/3/11
Lissycasey 1.02 V Cooraclare 0.10 Lissycasey 16/4/11
Lissycasey 1.07 V O'Curry's 1.08 Doonaha 22/4/11
Lissycasey 2.13 V Kildysart 0.05 Kildysart 30/4/11
Lissycasey 1.12 V Eire Og 1.11 Lissycasey 11/6/11
Lissycasey 0.12 V Ennistymon 0.09 Lissycasey 18/6/11

Div 4 League 2011

  Score   Opposition Score Venue Date


V Meelick


Lissycasey 19/2/11


V Miltown


Miltown 12/3/11


V Coolmeen 3.08 Coolmeen 17/4/10


V Kilmihil 0.11 Kilmihil 23/4/11
Lissycasey  1.04 V Doonbeg 1.16 Lissycasey 13/5/11
Lissycasey 2.06 V N.Eoin 3.19 Pairc Eoin 18/6/10

O'Gorman Cup 2011

  Score   Opposition Score Venue Date
Lissycasey   V St Breckans  


To be refixed

Lissycasey 1.09 V




19/3/11 (3p.m)

Lissycasey 1.07 V






1.08 V





Lissycasey 1.02 V Cooraclare 0.10 Lissycasey 16/4/11
Lissycasey 0.11 V Ennistymon 1.09 Lissycasey 10/5/11

Brian O'Reilly U12 League.

  Score   Opposition Score Venue Date


V Cooraclare 4.10 Lissycasey 6/4/11
Lissycasey   V Kilmurry Ib   Lissycasey 12/4/11
Lissycasey 6.09 V Cratloe 5.09 Cratloe 20/4/11
Lissycasey 1.03 V Ennistymon 4.13 Ennistymon 27/4/11
Lissycasey 3.09 V Wolfetones 3.16 Wolfetones 4/5/11
Lissycasey   V D/Barefield   Lissycasey 11/5/11
Lissycasey 3.06 V Clondegad 1.10 Lissycasey 14/5/11
Lissycasey 2.17 V Kilrush 5.06 Lissycasey 18/5/11
Lissycasey 5.06 V Clarecastle 3.12 Clarecastle 25/5/11

Michael Greene U12 League.

  Score   Opposition Score Venue Date


V Cooraclare


Cooraclare 6/4/11
Lissycasey 5.03 V Cratloe 4.00 Cratloe 20/4/11
Lissycasey 1.03 V Ennistymon 5.03 Ennistymon 27/4/11
Lissycasey 2.05 V Wolfetones 3.05 Wolfetones 4/5/11
Lissycasey   V D/Barefield   Lissycasey 11/5/11
Lissycasey 1.08 V Clondegad 2.05 Lissycasey 14/5/11
Lissycasey 1.10 V Kilrush 2.07 Lissycasey 18/5/11
Lissycasey 1.05 V Clarecastle 9.04 Clarecastle 25/5/11

West Clare U12 "A"

  Score   Opposition Score Venue Date
Lissycasey 1.08 V Clondegad 2.05 Ballynacally 11/6/11
Lissycasey 3.13 V Cooraclare 3.04 Lissycasey 18/6/11
Lissycasey 2.06 V Kilmihil 1.06 Kilmihil 2/7/11
Lissycasey 3.06 V Kilrush 0.03 Kilrush 16/7/11 Semi-Final
Lissycasey 2.03 V Kilmurry Ib 7.10 Cooraclare 24/7/11 Final


Under 14 Feile 2011

  Score   Opposition Score Venue Date
Lissycasey 6.10 V Eire Og 2.01 Lissycasey 25/3/11
Lissycasey 1.01 V Wolfetones 4.13 Lissycasey 25/3/11
Lissycasey 0.05 V Clondegad 4.04 Kilmihil 9/4/11 Quarter Final

Under 14 Div 2 Championship 2011.

  Score   Opposition Score Venue Date
Lissycasey 8.17 V K.L.M. 2.06 Kilfenora 6/6/11
Lissycasey 6.14 V Kilmihil 1.04 Lissycasey 20/6/11
Lissycasey 2.07 V Clondegad 3.06 Lissycasey 4/7/11
Lissycasey 4.13 V Cratloe 3.07 Cratloe 11/7/11
Lissycasey 6.15 V Coolmeen 0.07 Lissycasey 22/7/11
Lissycasey 4.03 V Gaels/Killimer 2.16 Away 25/7/11
Lissycasey 2.04 V Kilrush 7.09 Kilrush 8/8/11
Lissycasey 3.05 V Kilrush 1.03 Kilmihil 15/8/11Semi-Final
Lissycasey 2.07 V Clondegad 2.10 Cusack Park FINAL 22/8/11

Under 16 Champ 2011:

  Score   Opposition Score Venue Date


V Ennistymon


Lissycasey 5/3/11


V K.L.M.


Carron 11/3/11


V Kilmurry Ib


Lissycasey 19/3/1


V Clondegad


Ballynacally 28/3/11


V D/Barefield


Lissycasey 4/4/11


V Eire Og


Eire Og 11/4/11
Lissycasey 1.12 V Kilrush 2.05 Lissycasey 18/4/11
Lissycasey 4.07 V Eire Og 4.13 Ballynacally 9/5/11 Semi-Final

Minor Div 1 Championship 2011

  Score   Opposition Score Venue Date
Lissycasey 2.08 V Clondegad 3.17 Ballynacally 20/7/11
Lissycasey 3.02 V Wolfetones 4.12 Wolfetones 27/7/11
Lissycasey 3.05 V D/Barefield 6.17 Lissycasey 22/8/11
Lissycasey 1.02 V Eire Og 3.08 Lissycasey 12/8/11

Senior Relegation 2010

  Score   Opposition Score Venue Date
Lissycasey 1.06  V Kilkee 1.10 Labasheeda 11/9/10
Lissycasey 1.08 V O Curry's 1.08 Labasheeda 18/9/10
Lissycasey 2.07 V O'Curry's 0.08 Labasheeda 2/10/10

Senior Championship 2010

  Score   Opposition Score Venue Date
Lissycasey 0.05


Ennistymon 2.07 Cusack Park 12/6/10
Lissycasey 0.06 V Cratloe 2.10 Cusack Park 7/8/2010
Lissycasey 1.10 V Doorabarefield 3.05 Eire Og 21/8/2010

Junior Championship 2010

  Score   Opposition Score Venue Date
Lissycasey 1.13 V Ml Cusacks 2.04 Miltown 10/7/10
Lissycasey 1.06 V Cooraclare 1.07 Kilmihil 31/7/10
Lissycasey 1.06 V Doonbeg 3.10 Cooraclare 21/8/10

Garry Cup Div 2:  2010

  Score   Opposition Score Venue Date
Lissycasey 0.07


Kilmihil 1.05 Kilmihil  3/3/10
Lissycasey 0.06


St Breckans. 0.06 Lissycasey 5/4/10
Lissycasey 1.06 V St Josephss 2.05 Gurteen 17/4/10
Lissycasey 2.12 V Cratloe 0.10 Lissycasey 25/4/10
Lissycasey 1.07 V Wolfetones 0.09 Shannon 30/4/10
Lissycasey 1.10 V Ennistymon  1.06  Lissycasey  29/5/10
Lissycasey 0.09 V Kilrush 1.07 Kilrush 20/6/10
Lissycasey 0.06 V St Josephs 0.07 Ballyea 17/7/10

Div 4 League 2010

  Score   Opposition Score Venue Date
Lissycasey 2.08 V O C Mills 0.14 Kilkishen 6/3/10
Lissycasey 2.03 V Miltown 1.12 Lissycasey 2/4/10
Lissycasey 2.11 V Coolmeen 0.11 Lissycasey 18/4/10
Lissycasey 1.04 V Ennistymon 0.07 Lissycasey 2/5/10
Lissycasey 0.10 V Kilmurry Ib  0.07 Quilty 8/5/10
Lissycasey 2.08 V Corofin 2.05 Lissycasey 21/6/10
Lissycasey 1.06 V Kilmurry Ib 0.09 Kilmihil Semi-Final
Lissycasey 0.10 V Kilmurry Ib 1.11 Kilmihil Semi-Final Replay

O'Gorman Cup 2010.

  Score   Opposition Score Venue Date
Lissycasey 0.02 V Ml Cusacks 4.15 Lissycasey 6/3/10
Lissycasey 0.07 V Sh Gaels 0.07 Labasheeda 27/3/10
Lissycasey 2.05 V Kilrush 1.05 Kilrush 28/3/10
Lissycasey 0.11 V Miltown  0.08 Kilmihil  19/5/10
Lissycasey 0.14 V Kilmurry IB 0.12 Cooraclare Semi-Final.1/6/10
Lissycasey 0.05 V Doonbeg 1.11 Doonbeg 11/7/10 Final

Under 16 Div 2 Championship 2010

  Score   Opposition Score Venue Date
Lissycasey 1.03 V Clondegad 1.10 Ballynacally 13/3/10
Lissycasey  1.09 V Clarecastle 1.09 Lissycasey 20/3/10
Lissycasey  0.10 V Newmarket  1.07 Newmarket 29/3/10
Lissycasey  2.06 V Cratloe  1.05 Lissycasey 5/4/10
Lissycasey 3.06 V Cratloe  3.08 Cratloe 19/4/10 Shield Semi-Final. 

Feile Peil na nOg 2010

  Score   Opposition Score Venue Date
Lissycasey 3.10 V Kilrush 1.04 Lissycasey 27/3/10
Lissycasey 2.08 V Eire Og 0.06 Lissycasey 27/3/10
Lissycasey 6.17 V Kilmurry Ib  1.04 Gurteen Semi-Final. 11/4/2010
Lissycasey 1.14 V Eire Og 0.08 Cusack Park FINAL

Under 12 Div 1-2 Championship 2010

  Score   Opposition Score Venue Date
Lissycasey 4.14 V Miltown 0.02 Lissycasey 7/4/10
Lissycasey 3.04 V Kilmihil 2.06 Kilmihil 14/4/10
Lissycasey 6.08 V North Clare 2.11 Lissycasey 21/4/10
Lissycasey 0.01 V Kilrush 6.10 Kilrush 5/5/10
Lissycasey 1.06 V Ennistymon 1.15 Lissycasey 12/5/10
Lissycasey 4.10 V Kilmurry Ib 2.04 Quilty 19/5/10
Lissycasey 3.10 V St Breckans 0.03 Lissycasey 26/5/10
Lissycasey 1.09 V  Cooraclare 0.05 Cooraclare  2/6/10
Lissycasey 1.02 V Doorabarefield 2.17 Ballynacally 14/6/10 Quarter final

Under 14 Football Championship 2010 

  Score   Opposition Score Venue Date
Lissycasey 0.12 V Ennistymon 0.02 Ennistymon 19/7/10
Lissycasey 8.10 V Kilmurry Ib  1.04 Quilty 26/7/10
Lissycasey 2.15 V Eire Og 0.04 Lissycasey 2/8/10
Lissycasey 7.15 V Wolfetones 1.15 Lissycasey 9/8/10
Lissycasey W/O V Doorabarefield Scr Gurteen 16/8/10
Lissycasey 10.05 V Ennistymon 2.07 Quilty 23/8/10 Semi-final
Lissycasey 8.05 V Eire Og 5.08 Cusack Park Final.30/8/10

Minor Football Championship 2010

  Score   Opposition Score Venue Date
Lissycasey 0.03 V Ennistymon 4.04 Lissycasey 21/7/10
Lissycasey 1.08 V Doorabarefield 2.11 Gurteen 14/7/10
Lissycasey 0.05 V Clondegad 0.12 Lissycasey 28/7/10
Lissycasey 0.05 V Cratloe 2.06 Lissycasey 18/8/10
Lissycasey 1.04 V Cooraclare 1.09 Cooraclare 22/9/10
Lissycasey Scr V Wolfetones W/over Lissycasey 25/9/10
Lissycasey w/over V Eire Og Scr Eire Og 2/10/10
Lissycasey Scr V Kilmurry Ib  W/o Quilty 9/10/10

Under 21 "A"Football Championship 2010

  Score   Opposition Score Venue Date
Lissycasey 0.10 V Cooraclare/Kilkee 0.08 Kilmihil 15/7/10
Lissycasy 2.10 V Miltown 1.06 Kilmihil 25/9/10 Semi-Final
Lissycasey 0.07 V Ennistymon 2.10 Cusack Pk FINAL 10/10/10

Junior A Championship 2009

  Score   Opposition Score Venue Date
Lissycasey 1.09 V Kilrush 2.09 Cooraclare 19/7/09
Lissycasey 1.09 V Kilmihil 0.10 Labasheeda 15/7/09
Lissycasey 0.09 V Eire Og 1.10 Coolmeen 3/9/09
Lissycasey  0.08 V Kilmihil 1.09 Coolmeen 19/9/09 Play Off. 

Senior Football Championship 2009.

  Score   Opposition Score Venue Date
Lissycasey  0.05 V Kilkee 0.10 Cooraclare 20/6/09
Lissycasey  0.13 V Miltown.  1.03  Kilmihil 7/8/09
Lissycasey  0.09  Doorabarefield  1.09 Cusack Pk 22/8/09
Lissycasey  1.04  Miltown 1.10  Kilmihil 5/9/09 play-off
Lissycasey 0.07 V Doorabarefield 0.06 Eire Og 12/9/09 Relegation Play-off
Lissycasey 0.00 V Kilmihil 2.09 Cooraclare 25/9/09 Senior B Semi-final

Dec 2009. 

Deaths: Christmas is normally a time of enjoyment and celebration but for all in Lissycasey, Christmas 2009 will lone live in the memory as a time of great shock and sadness. In a matter of a few hours on St. Stephens Day, joy turned to sadness for all in the community and particularly for the members of the GAA club. The tragic death of prominent senior panelist Brian Casey has rocked the locality and the neighbouring parishes Brian was a prominent member of the club's senior panel for the past four years. He played at every level for the club since first coming to prominence when playing football at primary schools level. He was a member of the senior championship and Cusack cup winning panels in 2007 and he has been a first choice defender throughout the past two seasons. He helped the club to a number of underage titles during the past decade.Noted for his leadership qualities, he was one of the driving forces behind the early start to preparations for the 2010 campaign A dedicated member of the club, Brian travelled home from his base in Mallow every week for training and games with Lissycasey. The club's senior team commenced preparations for 2010 in mid November and Brian was ever present at training throughout the past month.. Such were the numbers that attended Brian's funeral Mass in Our Lady of the Wayside Church in Lissycasey that the church was packed to capacity three quarters of an hour before mass commenced at 12 noon New Year's Day "We have no answers as to why this happened to someone so good. We have questions as to why and we will have those for a long time to come", chief celebrant Fr. Peter O'Loughlin told Brian's family, parents Marty and Eileen, sisters Martina and Aileen, brother Niall and girlfriend Cecilia. Fr. O'Loughlin paid tribute to the community for the tremendous generosity they have shown. "We don't have words but by our presence we are saying that we are with you". Gifts brought to the altar by family and friends included cattle cards, marking his interest in farming and in the family farm at Labasheeda;, his football medals won in a variety of grades with Lissycasey, his football jersey, a woodwork project by one of his students at college in Mallow.  Brian's brother Niall explained that presenting this project reflected how Brian's priority was to pass on his passion and enthusiasm to his pupils. Brian's passion, pride and determination had always shone through. In a moving tribute Brian's sister Martina described him as "a model teacher, an inspiring son, a loyal friend and a most wonderful brother".  She spoke of the special bond he had with each of his family. His love for his father was illustrated on a plaque in the family home which said "Dads are people to look up to no matter how tall you grow". She spoke of how their mother Eileen tried to encourage him to be a musician or set dancer but he choose football. She recalled his relationship with his girlfriend Cecilia which "spanned ten years. Throughout their teenage years, friendship changed to romance and they both became inseparable soulmates. We know that their hearts will always belong to one another. "He has left many things undone and there are other things he had not had a chance to start. Brian's outgoing fun loving personality ensured that he made so many new friends. He developed into a model teacher, an inspiring son  and loyal friend. Not only were we brother and sister, we were also confidants and best friends. For Aileen, Niall and me, he was the most wonderful brother. "His discipline, sacrifice and courage served him well in all walks of life, His most treasurer memory will surely be October 14, 2007 when Lissycasey secured the Jack Daly cup, the county senior football title. He became a role model for many younger football players in the parish. Brian has left behind much more than an empty jersey handing on a peg in the dressing room. He wore the maroon and whitejersey with such pride and passion . Musical tributes at the Mass included "You Raise me up", "Never mind the strangers 'cause I'll always be your friend, "I'm and ordinary man and "Maroon and White Forever". A Guard of Honour formed by members of Lissycasey GAA assisted by a number of neighbouring clubs. His colleagues on the Lissycasey senior panel flanked his coffin on its final journey from the church to the graveyard The coffin was draped in the maroon and while colours of his belovedLissycasey GAA. At the graveside his team mates sang maroon and white forever. A number of his club mates returned from Australia and Boston when news of his untimely and tragic death reached them Brian is survived by his parents Martin and Eileen, his sisters Martina and Aileen, his brother Niall, his girlfriend Cecilia, aunts, uncles, cousins and a large circle of friends Brian's passing at just 26 years of age, came shortly after thetragic death of Pat Kelly, Coolbawn, Lissycasey, a former player with the club. Pat lined out at full back for Lissycasey in the minor B championship final in 1979 when the local side lost by a point (1-5 to 1-6) to Kilfenora. Members of the club also formed a guard of honour as Pat's remainswere carried from the church to the adjoining grave for burial and his coffin was draped in the maroon and while of the clubTommy Meere, Cloncolman, who also died tragically over the holiday period, followed the club's fortunes and was proud of its successes.

Slan A Chara.Lissycasey GAA suffered a major loss recently with the untimely death of Gearoid O'Sullivan following a short illness.Principal teacher at Lissycasey national school, Gearoid played a huge part in the development of our club. Having returned from Dublin in the late seventiesto take up a teaching appointment in Lissycasey, he quickly got involved in the promotion of football by taking charge of a number of underageclub sides as well, of course, as coaching the school team.At the time Lissycasey were competing in the C grade in most underage competitions but successquickly followed and the club progressed up to grade B and onto grade A under his direction. There was scarcely a year that a title or twodidn't come to the club under his direction. His work for the club wasn't confined to the coaching of teams and he became club chairman and steered the club to great heights during his twelve year stint in this positon. In addition to his role as club chairman, he was secretary of the club's development committee which spearheaded the development of the club's main pitch in Lissycasey, a facility that was officially opened in 1982. In the early nineties the club was struggling to make an impression at junior level. A new management team headed by Martin Brennan was appointed at the beginning of 1992 and Martin appointed Paudie Halpin, Seamus Hayes and Gearoid O'Sullivan to work with him With this group in charge the club progressed through junior to intermediate and then to senior ranks in the space of three years. Gearoid's leadership was a huge factor in the club's progress. While not involved as an official in the club in recent years, he continued to play a huge role by coaching school teams. Twice in the past three years, the parish school team won the Clare division 1 football title and these players went on to backbone successful club teams, particularly the under 12 A winning side of 2008. Gearoid's popularity was evident from the huge numbers that attended his funeral, both the removal of his remains from his home, and the funeral mass followed by burial. Club members former a guard of honour when his remains arrived at Our Lady of the Wayside Church in Lissycasey and his coffin was draped in the maroon and white colours of his beloved club. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a ainm.

Oct 2009:

MINOR DIV 1 COUNTY FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS:  After the disappointment of failing to make the play offs in the senior championship for a second successive season, the year ended on a high for Lissycasey when the club's minor footballers made history by winning the County A championship title for the first time in the club's history. The final score---0-11 to 1-7---shows that only a point separated the teams but, in reality, Lissycasey were more comprehensive winners that the scoreline suggests. That said, however, there were anxiousmoments near the end as Ennistymon fought their way back. The game's only goal came in the fifth minute of injury time---there was surprise at the amount of additional time played by referee Fergal O'Shea---but a nervous Lissycasey held on for an historic success. Lissycasey played some excellent football in the first half of this tie as they raced into a 0-9 to 0-2 half time lead. Indeed, they would not have been flattered if they were a further five or six points ahead such was their dominance in this period when they had points from John Cabey, Sean Hayes, Kevin Hanrahan, Michael O'Neill and free taker Enda Finnucane.  Unlucky to lose out in the semi-final in 2008, there was no stopping the squad this time out. From the outset the management team of Tom Hill, Tom Clohessy (joint managers), John Joe McMahon and David McMahon had their sights set on this title Wins over Doora-Barefield, Kilrush, Miltown, Kilmihil and Parteen had Lissycasey into the quarter finals before they received walkovers from Newmarket and Coolmeen-Kildysart in their final two group games. Having topped their group, they were drawn against the West Clare penninsula amalgamation of Naomh Eoin, O'Currys and.Kilkee in the quarter final and they easily won this which gave them a semi-final date with the competition title holders and favourites Cratloe. A powerful performance here saw Lissycasey dethrone the champions and
they went on to avenge the previous year's semi-final defeat when they beat Ennistymon in the final at Kilmihil. For eleven of the panel it was a particularly special occasion as two weeks earlier they helped Kilmaley to win the minor A title. The 'magnificent eleven' are Martin O'Connor (football captain) Michael Pyne(hurling captain) Eoin Fitzgerald Danny Clohessy, Enda Finnucane, Eoin Enright, Sean Hayes, John Cabey, Michael O'Neill, John O'Loughlin and Paul Kennedy. The remaining members of Lissycasey's first ever minor A winning outfit are Kevin Moran, Cathal Doohan, Cyril Sheehan, Tom Collins, Kevin Hanrahan, Matthew O'Shea, John Cummins, Alan Pyne, Ronan McCarthy, Andrew Cleary, Niall Griffin. Aidan Clancy, Stephen McGovern, David Talty and Colm O'Rourke.

Under 14. Lissycasey are the 2009 Under 14 Div 2 Champions after defeating Cooraclare after extra time in the final on Monday Aug 17th at Cusack Park. The Cup was presented to Michael Nagle. Lissycasey Captain. Lissycasey: Killian Normoyle.Levi Howard. Ryan Griffin. Paraic Neylon. Seamus Collins. Michael Nagle. Oisin Hanrahan. Conor Finucane. Conor Talty. Ciarain Doohan. Dylan Cahill. Eoghan O'Leary. Michael O'Malley. Gary Hill. Niall Meere. Subs: Brian Cahill. Shane Keating. Michael Culligan. Gary Stephens. Daire Hanrahan. Niall McCarthy. Liam Shivers. Ronan Grace. Roy Grifffin. Manager. Michael Collins. Cathal Talty. Jamsie Meere. Denis O'Herlihy. 

                                                              .senior b 08 004.jpg (979381 bytes)

                                                    Senior "B" Champions 2008

Lissycasey are Senior B Football Champions 2008 after defeating Miltown in Kilmihil on Sunday Oct 5th.   Lissycasey 0.13 Miltown 1.04.  Lissycasey recovered well from a poor Start. with Martin Daly kicking some excellent points to lead at half time by five points. Miltown rallied briefly but with  Cathal Hill and Michael Melican excelling at the back for the winners Miltown could find no way through. After the game County Board Vice Chairman Johnie Hill presented the trophy to Danny Lynch, Lissycasey Captain. Lissycasey: Joe Hayes. Brian Casey, Sean Hill, Michael Melican, Cathal Hill, Tadhg Kelly, James Kelly, Derek Doohan, Noel finucane, Danny Lynch, Anthony kelly, Oisin Talty, Derek McMahon, Paul Nagle, Martin Daly, Subs: Enda Finucane for Paul Nagle, Dermot Nagle for James Kelly, Francis Hayes for Derek McMahon. 

West Clare Under 12 "A" 2008: Lissycasey are West Clare Under 12 "A" Champions after defeating Kilmurry Ib  in Cooraclare last week. Kilmurry scored first and Lissycasey replied with points from Oisin Hanrahan, Conor Finucane, Conor Mullen and Ciarain Doohan before Brian Cahill got the games only goal to leave the half time score Lissycasey 1.05 Kilmurry Ib 0.01. Kilmurry fought back strongle in the second half  but Lissycasey maintained the lead to finish 1.08 to 0.07. Lissycasey: Killian Normoyle,Levi Howard, Ronan Grace, Seamus Collins, Conor Finucane, Oisin Hanrahan, Gary Hill, Ciarain Doohan, Niall Meere, Brian Cahill, Conor Mullins, Shane Keating, Caoilin Meaney, Cian O Brien, Joe Carmody, Darragh Meaney, Ryan Griffin, Niall McCarthy, Daire Hanrahan,Gary Stephens, Liam Halpin, Roy Griffin, David Cahill, Reic Griffin. 

Under 21 Football Final 2008. Lissycasey were defeated in the Under 21 Final by St Josephs, Miltown. The final score was Miltown 2.11 Lissycasey 0.06. The winners were dominant in the first half and were 1.03 to no score up after 10 minutes. Dermot Nagle scored from a 45. Miltown added 2 more points. Enda Finucane and Shane Griffin added two more Lissycasey. Miltown added another to leave the half time score Miltown 1.05 Lissycasey 0.03. Miltown opened the second half scoring with a goal and added a further 5 points but Lissycasey never stopped trying. The finals score was Miltown 2.11 Lissycasey 0.06.Lisycasey: Martin Moran. Martin O'Connor, Seamus Doohan, Sean Devitt, Niall Kelly, Declan Clancy (Capt) Daniel Clohessy, Noel Casey, Conor Neylon, Stephen McNamara, Enda Finucane (0.02), Kieran Clancy, Shane Griffin(0.01), Dermot Nagle(0.02) Francis Hayes (0.01), Subs; Sean Hayes for Kieran Clancy, Sean Kelly for Daniel Clohessy. Eoghan Lynch fro Shane Griffin.  

Junior Div 4 Final June 2008. Lissycasey 1.10 Kilfenora 0.10.

 Lissycasey were crowned division 4 football league champions at Miltown on Saturday when they overcame the challenge of Kilfenora ina tie which produced some very good football. A goal eight minutes into the second half proved vital in this tie. Experienced Lissycasey midfielder Noel Finnucane created the opening and passed to his nephew Enda who shot low to the corner of the net.The score put Lissycasey four clear and while Kilfenora battled tothe end they were never able to get back on terms.The winners started well and raced into a three point lead with good scores from Enda Finnucane, Tadhg Kelly and Fergal Talty before the North Clare side opened their account through David McMahon.Lissycasey were 0-6 to 0-4 in front at half time and five minutesinto the second half the sides were level after two Killian Malone efforts tied up the game, A fine score from the experienced Tadhg Kelly put the Lissycasey men back in front and then Finnucane's goal followed. By the mid point of the half the margin was down to two points but a brace from substitute David Considine and Dermot Nagle put the winners four clear again with ten minutes remaining. Kilfenora piled on the pressure in the last ten minutes and came close to scoring the goal they needed with six minutes remaining when Austin Kelly's piledriver rebounded off the crossbar. Kelly pointed with two minutes remaining but this proved to be the final score and Lissycasey held firm for a merited victory. Oisin Talty and Niall Kelly were always prominent in a defence which worked hard throughout. Tadhg Kelly and Noel Finnucane gave the winners the advantage at midfield while the forwards put some impressive moves together. After the game, Clare G.A.A.'s Irish officer Tom Burke presented the cup to the winning captain Brendan McNamara and complimented both teams and the match officials. Scorers; Lissycasey:--Enda Finnucane (1-1) Tadhg Kelly, Dermot Nagle (0-2) each, Niall Kelly, Oisin Talty, Fergal Talty, David Clancy, David Considine (0-1) each; Lissycasey; Daniel Clohessy; Mattie Kelly, Brendan McNamara, Niall
Kelly; Oisin Talty, Brian Casey, Declan Clancy; Tadhg Kelly, Noel Finnucane; Fergal Talty, Derek Doohan, Dermot Nagle; David Clancy, Aaron Talty, Enda Finnucane; SubsDavid Considine for Doohan; Shane Normoyle for M. Kelly; Conor Geaney for F.Talty;

O Gorman Cup Final: Kilmurry-Ibrickane 0-14  Lissycasey  0-10

Appearing in their third successive O'Gorman cup football final in Doonbeg last Saturday, Lissycasey failed in their attempt to win back
a trophy they lost to the same opposition by the minimum margin a year earlier. Kilmurry-Ibrickane were that bit sharper and fitter on the evening
and this proved decisive. They led from the start and were 0-8 to 0-6 in front at half time. The set the tone in the opening minutes when Enda Coughlan and Stephen Moloney pointed but Lissycasey hit back with likes scores from Tadhg Kelly and Michael O'Rourke to tie up the game.
Four in a row from Michael Hogan, Mark McCarthy (2 frees) and Enda Coughlan put the winners four clear and after this they were never headed.
This particular fixture was only confirmed for Saturday evening after the title holders confirmed to organisers Doonbeg that they would
play without their representatives on the Clare junior team for last Sunday's Provincial semi-final.When they returned for the second half on Saturday with Paul O'Connor and Martin McMahon in their defence, there was surprise and, it has to be said, acute disappointment for the Clare junior management team. Both sides kicked three points each in the third quarter before the title holders's greater fitness saw them outscore their opponents, 0-3 to 0-1, in the final quarter. Peter O'Dwyer enjoyed the upperhand at midfield for much of the second half and Enda Coughlan, named as the man of the match, proved a handful for Lissycasey throughout. Teenager Mark McCarthy kicked some excellent scores and he finished
with 0-6 to his credit while Stephen and Brendan Moloney were others to do well. Michael Melican, Cathal McMahon, Cathal and Sean Hill
worked hard throughout for Lissycasey. This victory means that Kilmurry-Ibrickane are still unbeaten in senior competitive action in Clare this season. ScorersKilmurry-Ibrickane; Mark McCarthy (0-6), all frees; Enda Coughlan (0-4) Stephen Moloney (0-2), Shane Hickey, Michael Hogan (0-1) each Lissycasey;--Paul Nagle (0-3), 2 frees; Tadhg Kelly (0-2) Cathal Hill, Cathal McMahon, Michael O'Rourke, Anthony Kelly, Danny Lynch (0-1) each.Kilmurry-Ibrickane; Ian McInerney; Mark Killeen, Evan Talty; Paul O'Dwyer, Brendan Moloney, Shane Hickey; Keith King, Enda Coughlan; Michael Hogan, Peter O'Dwyer, Stephen Moloney; Mark McCarthy, Noel Downes; Subs Paul O'Connor for Talty; Martin McMahon for O'Dwyer;  Michael O'Dwyer for Hogan; Declan Callinan for Killeen; Lissycasey; Daniel Clohessy; Michael Melican, Brian Casey; Cathal Hill, Sean Hill, Cathal McMahon ;Michael O'Rourke, Noel Finnucane; Senan Hayes, Tadhg Kelly, Anthony Kelly; Danny Lynch, Paul Nagle;Subs; Francis Hayes for Finnucane; Enda Finnucane for S. Hayes; Gerry
Moran for Nagle; RefereeKevin Walsh, Wolfe Tones.

U12 Presentation.jpg (971018 bytes)Under 12 Div 1 Final 2008:  Lissycasey 2.03 Wolfetones 0.06. A powerful Lissycasey defence in which Cillian Normoyle and Conor Finucane excelled proved too powerful for Wolfetones in the Under 12 Div 1 Final. Wolfetones scored the first point in this exciting enounter at Cusack Park on Wednesday evening June 4th, Brian Cahill for Lissycasey then goaled, points were then exchanged by the sides with Wolfetones equalising to leave the score level at half-time 1.01 to 0.04. Twice in the early stages of the second half Wolfetones took the lead but each time Lissycasey hit back. Lissycasey's second goal came from team captain Ciarain Doohan and it gave Lissycasey the lead which they held to the end. Wolfetones threw everything at Lissycasey in the last 10 minutes but they could not find their way passes a superb Lissycasey Goalkeeper Cillian Normoyle. Lissycasey rounded off the evening with a point before the final whistle.  Lissycasey. Cillian Normoyle. Roy Griffin, Ryan Griffin, Niall McCarthy, Seamus Collins,Conor Finucane, Gary Hill, Ciarain Doohan, Oisin Hanrahan, Brian Cahill, Levi Howard,Niall Meere, Daire Hanrahan, Michael O Malley, Gary Stephens. Subs: Conor Mullins for Daire Hanrahan, Cian O Brion for Gary Stephens, Darragh Meaney, Shane Keating, Ronan Grace, Joseph Carmody, Caoilin Meaney, Niall Coote, David Cahill, Eric Griffin, Liam Halpin.

 Under 12 08.jpg (780535 bytes)

U 16 (4).jpg (209423 bytes)

May 2008:  

Under 16 Div 2 Final: Lissycasey 3-5 Ennistymon 0-8 A better balanced Lissycasey outfit proved too strong for Ennistymon in a lively Fergus Credit Union under 16 division  2 final at Cooraclare on Saturday but they had to survive a strong last quarter from the North Clare side before being crowned champions. Played before a fine attendance, the game produced some excellent football. Ennistymon started well and  scored first through Ian White but Lissycasey equalised through Michael O'Neill who had a tremendous game. The North Clare side went back in front through Joey Rouine but then Lissycasey struck for the game's first goal and it's a score Ennistymon will be disappointed to have conceded but the credit will go to Lissycasey wing forward O'Neill. Andrew Cleary had Lissycasey's second goal ten minutes before half
time and the score helped them to a five point interval lead with the score standing at 2-3 to 0-4. When play resumed, they took up where they had left off and Cleary had his second goal just three minutes into this period. Points fromanother of the game's starts, Matt O'Shea and O'Neill put the winners ten points clear with just under ten minutes of the second period gone. To their credit, Ennistymon refused to give up and helped by a number of switches to their line up they bounced back. They had the better of the final quarter but they just could not breach a superb Lissycasey defence for the goal they needed.. Team captain Hanrahan and Eoin Fitzgerald were outstanding in central defensive roles for the winners while goalkeeper John Cummins made some fine stops. Overall, the defence was excellent while Matt O'Shea and Thomas Lynch controlled midfield  for three quarters of the game. Up front Michael O'Neill excelled while Andrew Cleary and full forward Conor Hennessy also impressed.Enda Ralph, Paul Queally until injured, Oisin Burke, Ronan Linnane, Ian White and Joey Rouine did well for the losers. Lissycasey; John Cummins; Niall Griffin, Eoin Fitzgerald, Ronan McCarthy; Eoin Enright, Kevin Hanrahan (capt) Tom Collins; Thomas Lynch, Matthew O'Shea (0-2); Michael O'Neill (1-3) Cathal Doohan,
Paul Kennedy; Andrew Cleary (2-0) Conor Hennessy, Aidan Clancy. After the game Bord na nOg secretary Anne Hayes presented the cup
to the winning captain Kevin Hanrahan

Victory Social 2008.

Over  five hundred people attended the Lissycasey Victory Social in the West County Hotel on Sat Feb 2nd to celebrate Lissycasey's historic first Clare senior football championship success and first Cusack Cup title. Also marked were the successes of the Minor Team in winning the Minor B Championship and the junior footballers in the division 5 league. In addition the O'Gorman cup melals were presented to Lissycasey, first winners of the title in 2006. Special guest , former Galway star Ja Fallon spoke of the importance of the club and reminded the players that success with their club was very special. He then presented the senior panel with their medals. County Board Chairman Michael O'Neill paid tribute to the club on their wonderful year and congratuted Cathal Hill on his footballer of the year title in the VEC awards scheme.  Former Chairman Michael McDonagh presented the medals to the Minor team while the victorious captains Francis Hayes (Minor) Shane Normoyle (Junior ) and James Kelly (Senior) made presentations to the respective team selectors. Senior Manager Declan Conway gace a summary of the teams progress over the past three years and thanked the players fro their efforts during that time. He thanked supporters , and had a special thanks for Pat Scanlon and Senan Clancy (New York) who hosted the panel during their recent visit to the city. 

January 2008. 

New York: Members of the Lissycasey Senior Football panel, winners of the Senior Championship 2008 traveled to New Your for a well deserved break. The trip is hosted by Pat Scanlon and Senan Clancy.

Lissycasey win the Scor Club of the Year title for 2008. 

Scor na nOg; Lissycasey are County Champions in 4 Competitions for Scor 2008. These groups will represent Clare in Cashel on Sunday January 6th at 2.30p.m. Solo Singing: Orla McSweeney. Ballad Group: Zara Hill. Gillian Cummins. Orla McSweeney. Anna Culligan. Aine McSweeney. Novelty Act : Colm O Rourke. Eoghan O 'Leary. Gillian Cummins. Anna Culligan. Orla McSweeney. Zara Hill. Ciara O'Malley. Aine McSweeney. Set Dancing: Colm O Rourke. Aidan Moroney. Oisin Hanrahan. Gary Hill. Margaret Kelly. Rachel Hill. Grace Kelly. Rebecca Hill. Lissycasey also took the Club of the year title for the 3rd year in a row. Good Luck to all on Sunday. 


December 2007.   

Christmas GAA.jpg (156238 bytes)

Seasons Greetings from Lissycasey G.A.A. Club. 

November 2007.

Munster Club Football: What has become an historic and superb year for Lissycasey Senior Footballers came to an end at Cusack Park on Sunday when they were defeated by Kilcommin of Kerry, in the opening round of the Munster Club Championship.The loss of mid-fielder Michael O'Rourke proved to be every bit as great as had been forcast since he was sent off in the Cusack Cup Final against Doonbeg two weeks earlier.The foundation for many of Lissycasey's victories this year were laid at mildfield where O'Rourke's work rate proved too much for all oposition. Derek Doohan replaced O'Rourke in the only change in the Lissycasey line out from the County Final and Cusack Cup Final. Kilcummin took control from the start and had 2 early points while Lissycasey were struggling to win possessision. When the Lissycasey defence failed to clear their lines at the end of the first quarter Kilcummen pounched and sent the ball to the back of the net. They then added another point to put Kilcummin 1.04 to 0.0. ahead. Twenty two minutes elapsed before Lissycasey opened the scoring with a point from Colin Lynch. The game was in the first minute of injury time when at the end of the first half when Anthony Kelly was fouled in the square and the referee pointed to the penalty spot. Lissycasey Corner back Cathal McMahon came up to take the penalty but the Kilcummin gaolie atoned for the foul with a great save. Paul Nagle then pointed to leave the half time score Kilcummin 1.04 Lissycasey 0.02. For the second half Lissycasey brought in Tadhg Kelly instead of Senan Hayes and moved Colin Lynch to center forward. Kilcummin took up where they left off and and scored 3 points inside the the first ten minutes to streatch their lead to eight points. Tadgh Kelly had Lissycasey's first point of the half twelve minutes in and two minutes later Danny Lynch shot pass the goalie to rattle the Kilcummin net. Two Lissycasey points followed from Michael Slowey and Martin Daly and now Lissycasey were just two points behind. Try as they did Lissycasey failed to maintain this scoring rate and in fact did not score again while Kilcummin added two more points to their total.Four minutes from the end a Michael Slowey effort inched wide as Francis Hayes tried to get a touch that might have turned the ball into the net. However this was not to be.  The Final Score was Kilcummin 1.09 Lissycasey 1.05. Lissycasey: Joe Hayes. Cathal McMahon, Sean Hill, Michael Melican, Cathal Hill, Colin Lynch, James Kelly, (Capt) Derek Doohan, Anthony Kelly, Alan Nagle, Danny Lynch, Senan Hayes, Paul Nagle, Martin Daly, Michael Slowey, Subs: Tadhg Kelly for Senan Hayes. Francis Hayes for Alan Nagle. Derek McMahon for Martin Daly. Scorers: Danny Lynch (1.0) Martin Daly (0.01) Colin Lynch (0.01) Paul Nagle (0.01) Michael Slowey (0.01) Tadhg Kelly (0.01) 


October 2007.

Cusack Cup Champions 2007: 

Lissycasey are Cusack Cup Champions after defeating Doonbeg in the replay at Quilty on Saturday Oct 27th . Lissycasey ended up champions on a score line of 1.05 to 1.03. A brawl at the opening stages of the game saw 3 players red carded. Doonbeg men Frank O"Dea and David Downes and Lissycasey Mid Fielder Michael O'Rourke were all sent ot the line. Doonbeg opened the scoring with a point .This was closely followed by a goal from Paul Nagle. Lissycasey at thsi stage missed many chances. Four minutes into first half  injury time Anthony Kelly scored his sides only first half point to leave the half time score Lissycasey 1.01 Doonbeg 0.01. Lissycasey lost Martin Daly at this stage after being injured in the first half and he was replaced at the start of the second half by Derek McMaon. Doonbeg opened the second half scoring with a goal and then added a point to go ahead 1.02 to 1.01 in the 8th minute. Danny Lunch then pointed from 40yards and Michael Slowey fisted the ball over the Doonbeg goal to leave Lissycasey ahead 1.03 to 1.02. 8th minutes from full time Doonbeg equalised. There were 3 missed chances from Danny Lynch and Michael Slowey before Alan Nagle pointed after Colin Lynch gathered from a poor Doonbeg kick out. Good defending followed from Lissycasey at this stage until Alan Nagle placed Danny Lynch for the sides last point. Lissycasey 1.05 Doonbeg 1.03. For the fist time in the club history Lissycasey lifted the Cusack Cup becoming the first team to win the double since 1991. Lissycasey: Joe Hayes. Michael Melcian. Sean Hill.Cathal McMahon. Cathal Hill. Colin Lynch. James Kelly. (Capt) Michael O"Rourke. Anthony Kelly. Alan Nagle. Danny Lynch. Senan Hayes. Paul Nagle. Martin Daly. Michael Slowey. Subs: Derek McMahon. Tadhg Kelly.Francis Hayes. Scorers. Paul Nagle 1.00. Danny Lynch 0.02. Anthony Kelly ).01. Michael Slowey 0.01 Alan Nagle 0.01. Referee Rory Hickey.


Under 11 "A" West Clare Champions 07.

under11 07 001.jpg (764170 bytes)                                                     under11 07.jpg (962321 bytes)                                                  Sean & Niall.jpg (958728 bytes)

Under 11 Champions. Lissycasey under 11 team defeated Cooraclare in the West Clare "A" Final which was played in Kilmihil on Saturday Oct 20th. Final Score: Lissycasey 3.06 Cooraclare 0.02. Michael O MAlley gave lissycasey the lead in the third minute and later added a goal. Another goal followed from Captain Niall Meere, while Levi Howard and Ciarain Doohan scored points. In the second half Lissycasey continued to dominate with Niall Meere adding 1-1, Ciarain Doohan 0.03, Gary Stephens 1.0 Joe Carmody & Ryan Griffin 0.01 each. The Shield was presented to Niall Meere, Captain by Sean Chambers, Treasurer of the West Clare Divisional Board after the game. Lissycasey: Killian Normoyle, Ryan Griffin, Niall McCarthy, Gary Hill, OIsin Hanrahan, Seamus Collins, Ciarain Doohan, Conor Finucane, Gary Stehens,Levi Howard, Daire Hanrahan, Michael O'Malley, Niall Meere. Subs: Joe Carmody, Darragh Meaney, Conor Mullins, Shane Keating,Roy Griffin, Darragh Clune, Eric Griffin. Mentors: Jamesie Meere (Manager) Michael Stephens, Michael Collins, Denis o'Herlihy,Cathal Talty. Referee Barry Kelly. 

County Football Champions 07.

Lissycasey are 2007 Senior County Football Champions after defeating Eire Og at Cusack Park today, Sunday October 14th. The Jack Daly Cup was presented to James Kelly, Captain of the victorious Lissycasey team by County Chairman Michael McDonagh. The Man of the match award was presented to Martin Daly,  Lissycasey:Joe Hayes.Michael Melican. Sean Hill, Cathal McMahon, Cathal Hill, Colin Lynch,James Kelly, Anthony Kelly, Michael O'Rourke,Alan Nagle, Danny Lynch,Senan Hayes,Paul Nagle, Martin Daly, Michael Slowey, Subs: Derek McMahon ,Tadhg Kelly,  Francis Hayes. Scorers: Alan Nagle 0.01, Senan Hayes 0.01,Martin Daly 0.06. Michael Slowey 0.02. Francis Hayes 0.01. Panel: Shane Normoyle, Brian Casey, David Clancy. Niall Clancy, Derek Doohan, Noel Finucane, Pat Kelly, David McMahon, Brendan McNamara, Gerry Moran, Martin Moran, Dermot Nagle, David Pyne, Cathal Talty, Fergal Talty, Oisin Talty, Aaron Talty, Paudie Carmody, David McCarthy.  Management: Declan Conway, James Healy, David Considine. Referee Michael Talty. 

Eire Og were first to score with a Shane Daniels point in the first minute. Alan Nagle caught a great pass from Martin Daly and sent the ball over the bar to equalised in the 7th minute. Eire Og scored the next 2 points before Martin Daly pointed from a free after a foul on Alan Nagle. Michael Slowey leveled the sides with a fine point  in the 23rd Minute. Martin Daly then put Lissycasey a point up at the break and this left the half-time score Lissycasey 0.04 Eire Og 0.03.  Tthe opening minute of the second half  saw Eire Og equalise with a  point from play.  3 Points then followed from Martin Daly putting Lissycasey  3 points ahead. Eire Og brought the difference down to 2 with a point in the 42 minute. 3 Points came then from Senan Hayes, Michael Slowey and Martin Daly. Lissycasey were now 0.10 Eire Og 0.05. Stephen Hickey pointed for Eire Og in the 59th minute with Substitute Francis Hayes sealing Lissycasey's victory with a point in the 62 minute leaving the final Score. Lissycasey 0.11 Eire Og 0.06 

Celebrations. The Lissycasey team made their way home at 8p.m. on Sunday evening. Lead by the Tulla Pipe Band the team, officials and supporters returned to the home patch to be met with bonfires and streams of supporters. All travelled to the Football pitch where Seamus Hayes introduced the panel to the vast attendance. David Clancy entertained the crown with a song in praise of the victorious team. Celebrations continued on throught the night and the following days.On Monday all schools in the parish were visited and "Jack" was introduced to the very excited children.  On Tuesday night the Eire Og team were welcomed to Fanny O Dea's and another great night was had by all present. It is expected the the team will return to training on Thursday night for the forthcoming Cusack Cup replay V Doonbeg and the Munster Club Championship game V Kilcummin of Kerry. 

September 2007.

Lissycasey 07.jpg (70053 bytes)

Senior Championship. Lissycasey 1.09 Wolfetones 0.6.                                                                                                                                   Lissycasey have qualified for the Clare Senior Football Championship Final by defeating Wolfetones in Cusack Park on Sunday Sept 30th. Wolfetones started well and lead 0.3 to 0.2 after 15 minutes with all three Wolfetones points coming from frees. Martin Daly pointed Lissycasey's opening 2 scores. Joe Hayes saved from Stephan Monahan mid way through the first half. After a foul on Alan Nagle saw Martin Daly pointed the resulting free. A point from Michael Slowey then put Lissycasey  0.04 to 0.03 ahead. 2 Points followed from Nagle and Daly leaving Lissycaey 0.06 to 0.03. Michael Slowey then banged home 1.1. in injury time to leave the half time score Lissycasey 1.07 Wolfetones 0.03. Wolfetones scored 2 points in the opening 13 minutes of the second half. The only Lissycasey scores in the second came from Danny Lynch and Francis Hayes. Wolfetones pointed 3 minutes into injury time to leave the final score Lissycasey 1.09 Wolfetones 0.06.The Final will be a repeat of the 2006 Final when Lissycasey takes on Eire Og in Cusack Park on Sunday October 14th. Lissycasey: Joe Hayes, Michael Melican, Sean Hill, Cathal McMahon, Cathal Hill, Colin Lynch, James Kelly, Anthony Kelly, Michael O'Rourke, Alan Nagle, Danny Lynch, Senan Hayes, Michael Slowey, Martin Nagle, Paul Nagle. Subs: Tadhg Kelly for Senan Hayes. Derek McMahon for Paul Nagle, Francis Hayes for Michael Slowey, Derek Doohan for Alan Nagle. Scorers: Michael Slowey 1.02. Martin Daly 0.04. Alan Nagle, Francis Hayes, Danny Lynch 0.01 each. 

Minor Championship Final: Lissycasey defeated St Breckans on a score line of 0.14 to 0.09 in the Minor Championship Final at Cusack Park on Tuesday evening. Lissycasey bridged a 13 year gap to take this title. Points were exchanged three times in the first 12 minutes Dermot Nagle 2 points Stephen McNamara 1 point. Noel Casey gave Lissycasey the lead in the 14 minute and they maintained this lead until the final whistle. Lissycasey were awarded a penalty which Dermot Nagle put over the bar. Dermot Nagle then added 3 more points from frees before the break at which stage Lissycasey lead by double scores 0.08 to 0.04. Sean Hayes opened the scoring in the second half with a point which was closely followed by a point from the opposition. A Brace of points from Enda Finucane then left Lissycasey 6 points clear. Sean Hayes was unlucky when his shot rebounded off the post. 23 more points followed from Francis Hayes with St Breckans adding a point in injury time to leave the final score Lissycasey 0.14 St breckans 0.09. Lissycasey: Liam Mungovan, Martin O'Connor, Niall Kelly, Colm Clancy, Matthew O 'Shea, Seamus Doohan, Cristopher Talty, Francis Hayes (0.03) (Captain) Noel Casey(0.01), Enda Finucane (0.02), Kevin Meaney, Stephen McNamara (0.01), Sean Hayes (0.01), Daniel Clohessy, Dermot Nagle (0.06). Subs: Kevin Hanrahan for Kevin Meaney. 

Cusack Cup Final 2007.

Final Score Lissycasey 1.07 Doonbeg 1.07. The Final was played at Quilty on Sat July 21st.Lissycasey were seeking their first Cusack Cup title having been beaten in 2002 and 2006. With less than 10 minutes remaining in the firat half Doonbeg lead by by 5 points 1.04 to 0.02. However an Alan Nagle point, followed by a Martin Daly pointed free put Lissycasey with 3 points or their opponents at half time. Tadhg Kelly and Michael Slowey scored the opening points of the second half. Paul Nagle and Darly Tubridy then exchanged pointsleaving Doonbeg 1.05 to 0.05 ahead. Martin Daly then pointed from play with his back to the goal before he put over a 30 yard free following a foul on Anthony Kelly. David Tubridy  pointed to leave Doonbeg 3 points clear. Michael O Rourke then then lobbed a hanging ball into the Doonbeg square. The ball sailed past the full back and the Goalie into the back of the Doonbeg net.The game was now tied at 1.07 a piece. Cathal Hill had a chance to win the game but the shot at goal was blocked by Doonbeg leaving the final Score Lissycasey 1.07 Doonbeg 1.07.Lissycasey. Joe Hayes. Cathal Hill, Sean Hill, Martin Moran, James Kelly (Capt) Anthony Kelly. Cathal McMahon, Michael O' Rourke, Tadhg Kelly, Alan Nagle, Michael Slowey, Senan Hayes, Danny Lynch, Martin Daly, Paul Nagle, Subs. Derek Doohan for Anthony Kelly, David Clancy for Senan Hayes, Francis Hayes for Paul Nagle. 

O'Gorman Cup. Lissycasey were defeated in the final of the O'Gorman Cup on Sunday evening ( 8/7/06) at Doonbeg. One point seperated Lissycasey and Kilmurry Ib at full time. 1.10 to 0.12 

June 2007. 

Junior Football. Lissycasey are Junior Football Div 5 League Champions after defeating O'Callaghans Mills in the final today Saturday June 30th 2007. Final Score Lissycasey 1.13 O C Mills 0.06.  The Score at half time was Lissycasey 0.07 to the mIlls 0.03 Lissyasey continued to dominate the second half and it was never in doubt that the title would not be coming to the West. Lissycasey Captain Shane Normoyle received the Winners trophy from Padraig MacMathuna of Clare County Board. Lissycasey: Shane Normoyle, Martin moran. Gerard Moran, Brendan McNamara, Oisin Talty, Paul Clancy, Cathal Talty,Derek Doohan, Noel Finucane, David McMahon, David Clancy, Francis Hayes, Niall Clancy, Senan Pyne, Dermot Nagle, Subs. Partick Kelly, Padraig Carmody, Fergal Talty. 

January 2007.

Award Winners.

Awards 07.jpg (438160 bytes)

Lissycasey players Joe Hayes, Michael Melican, Martin Daly & Michael O Rourke after receiving their Awards at the Armada in January 2007. 

November 2006.

Under 16 Champions. Lissycasey were crowned Under 16 Div 2 Champions on Saturday Nov 25th when they defeated Clarecastle in Kilmihil. Lissycasey were deserving winners on the day. The Finale score was Lissycasey 2.12. Clarecastle 1.08 Referee was Michael Howe of Miltown and the Trophy was presented to the Lissycasey Captain Niall Kelly. 

Cusack Cup Final.  Lissycasey were defeated by Liscannor in the Final of the 2006 Cusack Cup played in Miltown on Sat Nov 18th. Lissycasey played with the aid of a strong breeze in the first half and lead by 4 points at the interval. However Lissycasey were to regret the many missed chanches  in the first half when Liscannor defeated them by two points at the final Whistle. Final Score Liscannor 0.10 Lissycasey 1.05. 

October 2006.

County Senior Football Championship 2006. Lissycasey were defeated by Eire Og Ennis in the County Senior Football Final played at Cusask Park on Sunday Oct 29th. Lissycasey were unlucky to lose by 2 points. Éire Óg, Ennis 2-9 Lissycasey 0-13 Éire Og captured the Clare SFC title in an exciting decider at Cusack Park, Ennis yesterday. Leading by seven points at the interval (2-6 to 0-5), they withstood a spirited Lissycasey second-half comeback. Two first-half goals from Stephen Hickey and Peter Cosgrove rocked a determined Lissycasey outfit that started superbly. The seven-point half-time margin didn't faze Lissycasey and they reduced the Éire Óg lead with five unanswered points by the end of the third quarter.

The score of the afternoon was left to wing forward Cathal Shannon, when he kicked a superb Ennis point from the right sideline. Three Lissycasey points from Paul Nagle kept it close late in the game and it was left to Shane Daniels to complete the scoring. Lissycasey tried in vain to snatch a draw but Éire Óg's defence held strong.

Scorers - Éire Óg: S Hickey 1-1, P Cosgrove 1-0, S Daniels 0-3 (3f), B Fitzpatrick, C Shannon 0-2 each, E Glynn 0-1.

Lissycasey: M Daly 0-6 (4f), P Nagle 0-3, T Kelly 0-2, M O'Rourke, S Hayes 0-1 each.

Lissycasey: J Hayes; M Melican, C Hill, B Casey; C McMahon, J Kelly, A Nagle; A Kelly, M O'Rourke; T Kelly, C Lynch, S Hayes; D Lynch, M Daly, P Nagle.

Sunday October 29th Venue Cusack Park. The County Senior Football Final Lissycasey V Eire Og. Come along and support the team on the "Big Day" 


County Senior Football Championship 2006: Lissycasey have qualified for the Clare County Senior Football Final on October 29th 2006 where their opponents will be Eire Og, Ennis. Lissycasey defeated County Champions St Senan's Kilkee on a score line of 1.13 to 2.06 in a very exciting game played at Miltown on Saturday Oct 7th. Lucky to survive in the Competition a few weeks back, Lissycasey turned in a very impressive display to score a fully merited victory over Kilkee and qualify for the Clare Senior Championship final for only the second time in the clubs history. Great redit must be given to the Lissycasey defence which was excellent throughout.Playing with the aid of the breeze in the opening half they raced into a quick lead when Colin Lynch and Martin Daly combined for Daly to open the scoring.  Daly provided for corner back and team Captain Michael Melican, who came upfield to point before Daly landed the score of the game and indeed the score of the season. Anthony Kelly followed with a point and the winners were 4 clear at the end of the quarter. Scores followed from Martin Daly, & Paul Nagle to make it 0.07 to 0.0 Kilkee got their first score in the 24th minute. Then added another  before Martin Daly scored 2 more to leave the half time score at 0.09 to 0.02. Kilkee made changes in the second half and thus dominated the opening stages . at the three quarted stage the score read 0.11 to 0.05.  Then David Russell and Senan Hayes exchanged points before Danny Lynch  landed a magnificent effort for the winners to restore the 7 point lead they held at half time. 2 Minutes of normal time remained when a Denis Russell delivery found Gearoid Lynch unmarked inside the defence and he shot past Joe Hayes to give Kilkee a glimmer of hope. A minute later Lissycasey were on their way to the final. Joe Hayes kickout was won by Michael O Rourke and his superb delivery into the wind  put Martin Daly clear and the full forward capped a tremendious display with an excellent goal. To their credit Kilkee fought on and David Russell goaled 2 minutes into added time just before the final whistle. Thw winners defence excelled with the half back trio of Cathal McMahon, James Kelly & Alan Nagle dictating matters. Anthony Kelly & Michael O Rourke controlled matters at Mid Field while up front Senan Hayes & Paul Nagle stretched the Kilkee defence on many occasions. Colin Lynch played a crucial role particularly in the second half when he dropped back to help the defence against the wind. Time after time he made  tremendois runs from defence to set up scores on a day when Brian Casey, Joe Hayes and team Captain Michael Melican made valuable contributions. Lissycasey's victory gives them a place in the final for the second time in their history and it comes in the season in which they are celebrating their 40th birthday. Founded in 1966 , the club gained senior status in 1994 when they won the Intermediate title defeating Eire Og in the final.  In 1998 Lissycasey contested the Senior Final for the 1st time and they lost out to Doonbeg in a replay. Team: Joe Hayes. Michael Melican,Tadhg Kelly. Brian Casey. Cathal McMahon, James Kelly. Alan Nagle. Anthony Kelly. Michael O'Rourke. Danny Lynch. Colin Lynch.Senan Hayes. Paul Nagle. Martin Daly. Senan Pyne. Subs: Cathal TAlty for Senan Pyne. Gerry Moran (blood Sub)for Cathal Talty. Scorers: Martin Daly 1.08 Anthony Kelly 0.01.Michael Melican 0.01.Paul Nagle 0.01.Senan Hayes 0.01. Danny Lynch 0.01  

Canny Cup 2006. Lissycasey Under 10 team won the Canny Cup which was held in Kilrush on Saturday Oct 7th. adding to the Tom Conway Cup and the West Clare under 10 Title all won this year. Well Done Lads & Lassies. 

September 2006.

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County Senior Football Championship 2006:  


Lissycasey have qualified for the County Football Semi-Final by defeating Sh. Gaels after extra time in the County Quarter Final replay in Doonbeg on Saturday Sept 30th. Level at half time 0.05 to 0.05. Level at Full time 0.8 to 0.8 Level at half time in extra time 0.10 to 0.9 Lissycasey pulled away in the final 10 minutes of extra time and defeated the Gaels on a score line of 0.13 to 0.10. Lissycasey lined out with the same personnel as the drawn game but made a number of positional switches which proved vital.Lissycasey also made  a couple of important switches during the game which had a huge influence on the outcome. The switch of Michael Melican onto John Paul O Neill had a major bearing on the game. The Gaels had a great chance to to kill off the Lissycasey Challange with 5 minutes to go when David Neylon was put through but Joe Hayes made a Superb save in goals. When Referee Tom Stacpoole signalled that there would be one minute injury time, Sh Gaels led by 1 point but Lissycasey continued to put on the pressure and 30 seconds into injury time Alan Nagle equalised. Entra time followed with the score at the half way stage at 0.10.to 0.09 Sh Gaels level the game 2 minutes into the second period but this was the Gaels final score. Points from Lissycasey came from Paul Nagle. Martin Daly & Danny Lynch to leave the final score at0.13 to 0.10. Lissycasey: Joe Hayes. Michael Melican (Capt) Tadhg Kelly. Brian Casey. Cathal McMahon. James Kelly. Alan Nagle. Anthony Kelly. Michael O Rourke. Danny Lynch. Colin Lynch. Senan Hayes. Paul Nagle. Martin Daly. Cathal Talty. Sub: Paudie Carmody for Cathal Talty. Scorers. Martin Daly.0.07  Paul Nagle 0.02 Cathal McMahon0.01 Tadgh Kelly 0.01 Alan Nagle 0.01 Danny Lynch 0.01.Opposition in the Semi Final on Saturday Oct 7th will be St Senans Kilkee.  

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County Senior Football Championship 2006. Lissycasey Drew with Sh Gaels in a dramatic end to the Senior Football 1/4 final which was  hampered by driving rain, and played at Doonbeg on Saturday 16th Sept. A last minute goal from Michael O Rourke in extra time saw Lissycasey level the game on a score line of Sh Gaels 0.10 Lissycasey 1.07. Fortunate to be just three points in arrears when they won a 45 in the third minute of injury time,there appeared to be little chance of Lissycasey staying in the race for the 2006 clare Senior Football championship title. However Martin Daly's free was flicked to the net by midfielder Michael O Rourke, leaving the Gaels wondering how they hadn't won this tie. For most of the hour Shannon Gaels dominated and while Lissycasey had narrowed the margin to the minimum with six minutes remaining, two John Dillon efforts had put the Gaels three clear by the end of normal time. They could and indeed should have been well ahead at this stage but Lissycasey Goalkeeper Joe Hayes had denied them on a number of occasions. Four minutes from the end when they were ahead by a point Padraig Neylon Sh GAels was put through and with only Hayes to beat he tried for goal only to see his shot well stopped. The Gaels hit back for a brace of points but that last gasp finish earned Lissycasey a fortunate draw. Lissycasey: Joe Hayes.Senan Hayes. Michael Melican.Brian Casey.Cathal Talty,James Kelly.Alan Nagle.Tadhg Kelly. Michael O Rourke.Danny Lynch. Anthony Kelly. Cathal McMahon.Paul Nagle. Colin Lynch. Martin Daly Subs: Gerry Moran for CAthal Talty. Paudie Carmody for Cathal McMahon.  Scorers: M.O Rourke 1.0 Paul Nagle 0.03 Danny Lynch 0.02 Martin Daly .01 Tadhg Kelly 0.01. The replay will take place on Saturday Sept 30th at Doonbeg. 

June 2006.

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Lissycasey U 10 team won the West Clare U10 "A" Final on Tuesday when they defeated Clondegad at Lissycasey . Sean Chambers of the West Clare Divisional Board presented the winning Captain Conor Finucane with the winners trophy. 

Under 16 Final. Lissycasey were unlucky to be defeated in the Under 16 League Final which was played in excellent conditions at Miltown on Mon June 5th. The final score was St Breckans 4.07 Lissycasey 2.09. 

January 2006.

CD: The new cd "In Praise of Lissycasey" which was launced in the Boree Log in August of last year by Padraig O Ceallaigh, Former National Comhaltas President and A Native of Coolbawn, Lissycasey.  Artists include Noel Hill.Christy, Brian & Colm Doohan , The Rynne Family. The Hanrahan Family. Claire , Carmel & Caroline Doohan. Marie Griffin. Anne Hayes. Jack Talty. Paddy Stacpoole, John King. Buddy O Connell. Gerald Haugh. Brid Hill. Mairead Mc Namara. Eileen Considine. Marion Finucane,Orla Coughlin & the Lissycasey Set Dancers. Tom , Laura, David & Peter Hanrahan. Marion Finucane. Nigel Lynch,Sinead McGuane & Margaret Brohan. To   date it has raised substantial funds for the club.Some copies are still available for purchase and can be got  for the reasonable price of  €20 from Anne Hayes at 087 2663718 or e-mail hayesanne@eircom.net 



Junior Football League: Lissycasey Junior footballers scored a well deserved 1.9 to 0.5 win over Shannon in the Junior Football League. Lissycasey were never seriously troubled and were completely on top for the first half, which they led by 0.5 to nil. Best for Lissycasey were Martin Griffin (Capt) Michael Mc Mahon, P.J. Coughlan. Aidan Halpin. T.J. Talty and Jimmy Collins.

(Clare Champion 4th April 1970)


Cusack Cup: Lissycasey 3.3 Kilkee 1.4  The game opened at a good pace and there was a promise of better things to come as both sides showed some nice football.Unfortunately the early promise was not maintained  and the game got into a rut of poor football and was marred by incidents which might have assumed a more serious character but for the firm handling of the referee and the efforts of the officials from both teams, and the fact that many players on both sides refused to participate in rough exchanges. Final score. Lissycasey 3.3 Kilkee 1.4

(Clare Champion 22nd May 1965)


Ballynacally  Tournament final:  Ballynacally 3.3 Caherea 2.0 .The final of the Ballynacally Tournament ,which provided patrons with a fine exhibition of football, resulted in a win for Ballynacally. Caherea, fielding at full strength,were much fancied but there was no "fluke" about the Ballynacally success as they were masters for most of the hour.The match was played in a very sporting spirit and was a credit to both teams.The teams were slow to settle down but Ballynacally were the most dangerous. Caherea defence was under pressure from the throw in but Clancy , Hill & Moran  proved their worth and the game was ten minutes old when Ballynacally opened the scoring- a goal from a free by M Daly. This was followed by points from J Egan and O Toole. The Caherea forwards showed weakness at this stage and were easily mastered by the stonewall defence of the Murphys, Kelly's and Joe Gavin. Eventually they got through for a goal by Joe Daly  , but this score was negatived by a similar register for Ballynacally by J O Toole. Half Time score :Ballynacally 2.2 Caherea 1.0  On the resumption, Caherea looked like as if they would pull the game out of the fire,but the splendid work of J Egan and J Ryan for Ballynacally brought the game round in favour of the Juniors,and Callinan brought their total up to 3.2 with a well taken goal to be followed by a point from the same player. Canny , from a free, reduced the lead by a goal in the closing minutes. This closed the scoring. P.J. Murphy, at full back with John Egan and John Ryan were the most prominent Ballynacally players while John Hill, John Keane and Michael Daly played well fro Caherea. Mr James McInerney , Kildysart was an efficent and impartial Referee

(Clare Champion March 23rd 1940)


Caherea were declares Intermediate "B" Football champions of 1939 After a objection By St Fee's was withdrawn.The Trophy was presented to Mr J Keane who was congratulated on behalf of his club.

(Clare Champion 1939)




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